In the middle of September, I installed your grid charger on my 2002 Honda Insight. For about six months prior to that date, I had been driving the Insight with the IMA battery completely disconnected after having the IMA light and the Check Engine light come on with codes 1447 and 1449. I hooked up the grid charger and plugged it in for about three days. I was delighted when I drove it for the first time and all IMA features were working properly. That was a month and a half ago. The Insight has been driving great, with all IMA features working as they should. This past week I was gone for the whole week, and the Insight sat in the driveway without being started. Last night when I went to start it and drive it, the engine had its normal “instant start,” the IMA performed as it should, the “auto stop” worked, and I remain delighted. I have not had to hook the grid charger up again after the first usage. This morning I thought to myself, “If the grid charger did not work, I surely would let Jeff know. So, I should also let Jeff know how great it is and how happy I am that I bought it and used it.”