ProlongPro™ Battery Systems are a new tool being used by shop owners around the globe to increase profits while saving their hybrid vehicle customers thousands of dollars. ProlongPro Battery Systems are an easy to use tool that enables independent shops and used car dealers to generate new revenue streams and grow their business by performing hybrid electric vehicle battery service, maintenance, and repair.

ProlongPro Battery Systems are compatible with Hybrid Automotive’s full line of patented Prolong® Car Harnesses. Once installed, a Prolong Car Harness enables ultra-fast in car hybrid battery servicing. This unique technology enables hybrid battery maintenance to be a recurring service offering rather than a one-time event. Ongoing hybrid battery service significantly increases the success rate and longevity of hybrid battery maintenance, repair, and reconditioning. 

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Prolong™ Battery Systems allow you to extend the life of your customers’ hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) battery, which makes their car even more environmentally friendly than they thought possible. With Prolong Battery Systems and your expert care, you will free your customers from HEV battery failure anxiety and help them save thousands of dollars in avoided hybrid battery replacement costs, all while reducing their environmental footprint. We bet you’re going to make a lot of people very happy.

Hybrid Automotive’s Patent Pending Prolong Battery Systems are the only products in existence that allow for easy, repeatable in-car HEV battery reconditioning and cell balancing. When Prolong Battery systems are placed in use on the vehicle while the HEV battery is still healthy, many years of incremental life is easily attainable. The ability to pro-actively maintain the HEV battery in the same manner as the rest of the car frees your customers from their hybrid battery failure anxiety. Prolong Battery Systems are the most cost effective option in the industry for hybrid battery reconditioning and maintenance, saving customers thousands of dollars. By maintaining the HEV battery and extending its life to match the rest of the vehicle, one less replacement hybrid battery has to be manufactured. This benefits the environment and reduces the customers’ environmental impact. Prolong Battery Systems are the only product available that allows for quick, easy ongoing hybrid battery reconditioning and maintenance to be performed without removing the battery from the vehicle.

We have been using and installing Hybrid Automotive’s Prolong Chargers for over two years. I am very happy with all the chargers and short of a fuse I have never had problem with any of the chargers we have installed. It is very professional product, much better than what we used before. I am telling all my customers this is the only grid charger we recommend. We have never replaced one under the two year warranty we pass on to the customer. Thank you Jeff and crew for outstanding product.

Chris Todorov, Owner of AAA Hybrid Battery Repair, San Diego, CA

Battery reconditioning and preventative maintenance cell balancing is not a one-time event. A one-time battery reconditioning will not deliver lasting results and will leave the HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) owner dissatisfied. Routine battery reconditioning and balancing is required for long lasting results. Only Prolong Battery System Patent Pending technology allow for the quick & easy in car hybrid battery reconditioning that can significantly extend the life of a customer’s battery.

Once the vehicle specific “car harness” is installed (a onetime service ranging from 45 minutes to 2.5 hours depending on vehicle), Prolong Battery Systems enable your customer to easily have plug-and-play HEV battery balancing and reconditioning performed as often as they would like for the rest of the life of the vehicle. This can be done as a recurring service at your facility or at the HEV vehicle owner’s home. Offering HEV battery maintenance as an ongoing service builds customer trust and retention. Hybrid owners love their cars and want them to last, usually desiring to retain the vehicles as long as possible. Offering Prolong Battery Systems are a powerful and unique was to increase this owner-vehicle bond and help the hybrid owner to extend their vehicle ownership as long as possible. Having the customer return at regular intervals for low-cost or no-cost hybrid battery maintenance builds customer goodwill and often leads to incremental revenue for other vehicle maintenance (such as oil changes, brakes, etc). Customers will love that our resellers are able provide a long lasting, low cost solution to their biggest worry about their HEV: hybrid battery failure. When Prolong Battery Systems are used as preventative maintenance, they can easily extend the life of the hybrid battery for the remaining service life of the vehicle.

We are happy to share conclusive evidence that our exclusive battery reconditioning process is effective.

Here is independent testing of the Prolong reconditioning process using Techstream software on a 2008 Toyota Prius.

Also take a look at these before-and-after battery reconditioning tests we have performed:

Originally I purchased a simple charger to maintain my own first gen Honda Insight. After using the charger for maintenance, I added additional cars to my personal fleet, some of which were purchased with IMA lights on. In many cases I was able to use the charger to balance the hybrid batteries with excellent results.

I work in an automotive repair shop in Covina, CA where we service a large number of hybrids and we now use and install products on customer cars often. While not every hybrid battery can be remedied, the products offered are a great tool in the care and maintenance of your hybrid vehicle.

Scott, Jue Motors, Covina CA

Prolong Battery Extension Systems have multiple use cases:

  1. Preventative maintenance for healthy hybrid electric vehicles (HEV’s)
  2. Reconditioning of weakening or ‘failed’ HEV batteries to restore lost performance and prevent further degradation
  3. Repair and recovery of “failed” batteries (HEV’s with battery failure DTC codes)


Preventative maintenance for healthy hybrid vehicles

The Prolong ‘Standard’ Battery Charger is designed for cars with healthy hybrid batteries, typically 5-6 years old or less. The Standard Prolong Battery Charger will prevent battery degradation and failure before it happens. If the battery is still very strong and showing no signs of degradation, this is our most cost effective option for HEV battery maintenance.

Reconditioning of weakening HEV batteries to restore performance and prevent further degradation

For customers with HEV batteries that are already degraded and showing signs of decreased performance, we recommend our “Risk Free Reconditioning” service offering.

Symptoms of a weakening hybrid battery include decreased MPGs, sluggish performance/lack of power on acceleration, less EV mode (for equipped vehicles), negative recalibrations, and force charging of the hybrid battery by the vehicle. (View this link for more details on how to know if an HEV battery is degraded and heading toward failure).

Risk Free Reconditioning is a unique service offering that allows Prolong Battery Systems resellers to recondition and restore the customers’ existing battery, saving the customer thousands of dollars while still earning great profit margins for the reseller. Risk Free Reconditioning retails for 25%-35% of the cost of full battery replacement. In the vast majority of cases, Risk Free Reconditioning is successful and the customer saves thousands of dollars while our resellers achieve a healthy 60%-80% profit margin. When customers are properly qualified, Risk Free Reconditioning should be successful approximately 95% of the time.

In the rare cases (<5%) where Risk Free Reconditioning does not work, our resellers still make money. The end customer is also protected, as all or nearly all of the customers reconditioning costs are applied toward a replacement hybrid battery. The customer is happy because our resellers ‘tried everything they could’ to avoid battery replacement, and our resellers are happy because the customer is ‘locked in’ for the HEV battery replacement and will still earn a healthy profit from the HEV battery resale and installation. HEV battery replacement should be expected in approximately 5% of Risk Free Reconditioning instances.

Repair and recovery of “failed” batteries (HEV’s with DTC codes)

In instances where the customers’ battery has already ‘failed’ and is displaying a DTC fault code for hybrid battery failure, Risk Free Reconditioning is often still able to restore the battery and return it to service. Depending on battery condition at time of failure, performing Risk Free Reconditioning treatment on the battery pack will often be enough to recover the battery, eliminate the DTC codes, and return the car to usable service. Understanding how long it has been since the customers’ battery initially displayed the fault code is important to evaluate the likelihood of Risk Free Reconditioning success. The shorter the time period, the greater the likelihood of success.

For Toyota vehicles, in the approx ~50% of cases a pack level Risk Free Reconditioning treatment alone will not be enough. Identifying and replacing one or two failed modules will return the existing pack to usable condition. Once replaced, the battery is still able to be warrantied under the Risk Free Reconditioning program. As usual, ongoing servicing of the battery is key for long term success. (i.e. regular balancing and occasional reconditioning strongly recommended to prevent the DTC code from returning)

For Honda vehicles, in the approx ~10% of cases when a ‘failed’ pack level Risk Free Reconditioning treatment is not enough, full battery replacement is recommended. (We recommend the MaxIMA battery from Bumblebee Batteries.) In our opinion, stick level replacement has been found ineffective and unreliable. As such we do not recommend it. 

Hybrid Automotive has been great to work with. I looked for some time to find a high quality, user friendly, easy to install grid charger. I have installed multiple units with no problems and now warranty issues. 

I like that there are no wires to cut, just plug in the harness and follow the instructions. Fast shipping and units always in stock when I have ordered.

Jeff Bierman, Salt Lake City, Utah

Hybrid Automotive is a proud member of the Automotive Service Association (ASA) and we are committed to providing the best possible care for hybrid electric vehicles. We welcome inquiries from prospective resellers who share these goals and are interested in learning more about our products.

We offer discounted wholesale pricing to approved resellers. All Hybrid Automotive Resellers must offer Prolong Battery System installation and Risk Free Reconditioning services to their customer base. Interested parties are welcome to contact us and learn about how to join our growing international network of resellers.

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