Prolong Battery System

The Prolong® Deluxe Reconditioning Package has everything needed to easily recondition your hybrid battery at home. This package includes our new Prolong Battery Discharger and is ideal for people who have already degraded hybrid batteries, or batteries that are showing a fault (DTC) code.  This bundle has everything needed to perform unlimited at-home hybrid battery reconditioning for the rest of the life of your vehicle.

The Prolong® Value Reconditioning Package also has everything needed to recondition your hybrid battery at home, but uses the low-cost manual light bulb discharger.  This is more labor intensive and requires frequent supervision of the vehicle while discharging to prevent hybrid battery damage.

The Prolong® Battery Charger is designed to be used as preventative maintenance for healthy hybrid batteries.  The ‘Discharge Ready’ car harness included in this kit allows for easy plug-and-play addition of a Prolong Battery Discharger in the future.  By occasionally using the Prolong Charger as preventative maintenance on a healthy hybrid battery, degradation can be significantly delayed and often eliminated for the service life of the vehicle.

The Prolong® ‘Standard’ Battery Charger was discontinued in early 2017.

All Prolong® Battery Systems include a two-year warranty against defect or component failure. Orders normally ship within 24 hours of purchase.