ProlongPro Thunderbolt - Upgrade Package

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The ProlongPro Thunderbolt Battery Repair Upgrade Package is for customers who already have the ProlongPro Charger and ProlongPro Discharger. This package includes everything needed to upgrade your ProlongPro Charger and ProlongPro Discharger and begin using the ProlongPro Thunderbolt Battery Repair System.

Prolong Car Harness is required for each battery type being serviced.

The ProlongPro Thunderbolt Battery Repair Upgrade Package includes:

  • ProlongPro Thunderbolt system
  • One-year license to the ProlongPro software app
  • ProlongPro Charger upgrade board
  • ProlongPro Discharger upgrade board
  • ProlongPro Battery Cooling Table (Compatible with Toyota batteries up to 34 modules)
  • 10" Android tablet
  • Module serial number QR scanner 
  • Module voltage monitoring harness A
  • Module voltage monitoring harness B
  • High voltage interconnect harness
  • Battery temperature sensor harness
  • Honda battery connection hardware adapter kit
  • Quick start sheet
  • Online setup instructions & user guide
  • Two year warranty

The ProlongPro Thunderbolt Battery Repair System is compatible with both 110V and 220V AC mains out of the box.

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