Prolong® Battery Discharger

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The Prolong® Battery Discharger is an innovative new automated hybrid battery discharging device.  It features 1.5A-200mA auto tapering NiMh Hybrid battery discharging, delivering 1.5A load to the battery pack while in the battery's normal operating range.   As the battery drains below the normal operating range the load is reduced first to 0.5A then to 0.2A to protect the battery from damage during deep discharge.  It has three user selectable discharge termination voltage options, allowing you to simply set the desired minimum voltage, press start, and walk away.  It will safely drain the battery pack to the desired voltage then turn itself off and sound an audible alert when finished.  The Prolong Battery Discharger has multiple safety systems including thermal protection and excess voltage protection to protect itself and your hybrid battery.


1.5A-200mA auto tapering NiMh Hybrid battery discharging

Three discharge termination options:  Pack discharging to an average value of 0.8V/cell, 0.5V/cell, and 0.1V/cell

Audible alert when discharge finished (can be turned off if desired)

Compatible with all Prolong™ Battery Systems Discharge Ready Car Harnesses

Universal AC input.  Size: 7.5" x 7.5" x 3.5".  Car Harness sold separately.