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2000 – 2006 Honda Insight Installation Instructions

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Time Required: Approx 1-1.5 hours

Tools Required:
10mm, Torx T-30 sockets
8mm wrench
Wire cutters, wire strippers, wire crimping tool
Zip tie cutters, scissors
#2 phillips screwdriver

Recommended: Volt meter, trim panel removal tool

1) Open the rear hatch to access the rear trunk and IMA battery compartment.

2) Remove the rear cargo area carpet and trunk box liner.

3) Remove two 10mm bolts and remove the IMA battery disconnect switch cover.

4) Turn the IMA breaker to the off position. Reinstall the red interlock with the switch in the off position.

Remove the 8mm IMA compartment cover interlock bolt.

5) Remove the rear cargo area side plate. There are two 10mm bolts at the rear (hidden under the rear trim carpet) and three push-clips that look like Phillips-head screws.

6) Remove the IMA compartment cover 10mm and Torx T30 mount bolts. (There are a lot, a power driver can help speed this up.

7) If needed, lift and/or peel back the rug to reveal the forward row of IMA compartment cover bolts. Remove these 10mm bolts.

8) Remove the three bolts on the back of the IMA compartment cover.

9) Remove IMA compartment cover.

10) At the back right corner of the IMA compartment (when viewed from the rear of the car) carefully remove the indicated 10mm bolt.

The under side of this bolt is exposed to the elements above the muffler, so it may have surface rust on it and be hard to remove. Turn the bolt slowly to carefully remove it without breaking it.

(If you are unable to remove this bolt, contact us for alternative installation options.)

11) Insert the car harness through the cavity between the lower edge of the IMA compartment wall and the floor pan of the car as shown.

Install the supplied anti-tension ring onto the 10mm bolt and re-install the bolt.

The PET sleeve on the car harness is very strong and will protect the wire against any fraying or shorting to the edge of the IMA compartment wall.

12) DISCHARGE READY OPTION: If you have a standard car harness without the Discharge Ready option, skip this step.

If you have the Discharge Ready option, you will need to detach the ‘discharge ready fuse sub-harness’ at the supplied red bullet connector in order to route the wires into the IMA compartment.

There is a small piece of heat shrink tubing included in the car harness kit. This needs to be installed over the red bullet connector after it is reconnected. After routing the wires into the IMA compartment install the heat shrink tubing over the red bullet connectors as shown.

13) Remove the Styrofoam support pieces and lay aside. Route the wires within the IMA compartment as shown. The blue and yellow wires should be laid on the top right (as viewed from the back of car) corner of the IMA battery and the red and black wires should be routed under the fan shroud and IMA wiring up to the left side main connections of the IMA battery.

14) Installing the charge positive wire is the trickiest part of the entire project. Gaining access to the connection point is challenging without removing the battery, but it can be done.

Unplugging the wires circled in yellow will allow two hands to be slid into the space between the IMA battery and DC-DC converter (one hand on each side of the main battery connection cables).

BE SURE THE BATTERY BREAKER IS OFF before sticking your hands in there!!!

15) This picture of a removed IMA battery shows very clearly where the charge positive connection is made on the junction board.

16) The provided “add a terminal” spade connector has both a male and female connection point. The “add a terminal” spade connector needs to be connected as shown. As indicated in the previous step, the white resistor is at the bottom of the circuit board almost directly below the main connection cables.

Note the locking tab on the OEM wire connector. It is circled in red in this photo. This must be fully depressed in order for the connector to release from the white resistor. This locking tab is normally on the side of the connector facing toward the front of the vehicle. It is OK if this locking tab does not snap into place on the “add a terminal” spade connector.

17) The charge negative connection is made to the negative terminal of the main battery connection cable as shown.

18) Begin the installation of the cooling fan power wires by cutting back the sheathing 6-8″ to gain access to the fan power cables.

19) Using the supplied wire taps, connect the blue charger harness wire to the blue fan wire and the yellow charger harness wire to the black fan wire.

20) PRESS HARD on the wire spade metal tap to make sure it is fully inserted. Otherwise the electrical connection may not occur and the IMA cooling fan will not work.

21) An optional but recommended step is to wrap the wire taps with electrical tape as an extra measure of protection.

22) Reinstall the Styrofoam support pieces.

If you have not already done so, reconnect the OEM plugs removed earlier when installing the red charge positive cable.

We recommend connecting the charger to the car before plugging it into the wall and unplug it from the wall before disconnecting it from the car.

To perform the initial function test: Plug the charger into the car. With the IMA battery circuit breaker still turned off, plug the charger into the wall. If your charger has a power switch, turn it on.

After a few seconds, it should read approx. 180 volts on the meter and both the charger and IMA battery fans should be running. Now, move the IMA battery circuit breaker to the on position. You should see the voltage drop as the charger equalizes with the voltage level of the battery pack. This should happen quickly. The voltage level should be stable and not fluctuating. If anything is wrong, stop and contact us.

This completes the test. Unplug the charger from the wall, turn the IMA battery circuit breaker off, and disconnect the charger.

23) Reassemble the IMA compartment cover and rear cargo area upholstery in the reverse order of removal.

24) Cut a small 2″ ‘X’ shaped slot in the rear right corner of the trunk box liner and route the car harness into the trunk to facilitate easy charging.

Congrats, you are done!


25) This is what it will look like with the battery cover removed.

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