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2005 – 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid Plug-and-Play Car Harness Installation Instructions

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Time Required: Approx 1-1.5 hours

Tools Required:
10mm, Torx T-30 sockets
8mm wrench
Zip tie cutters, scissors
#2 phillips screwdriver

Recommended: Volt meter, trim panel removal tool

1) Begin by opening the trunk and removing the right side trunk liner. This will allow you to access the IPU cooling fan assembly, which can be seen here.
You may need to unscrew a trunk cargo hook as well as remove multiple clips to gain access to the IPU fan.

2) Unplug the main wire harness from the IPU cooling fan.

3) Plug the Car Harness cooling fan wire assembly onto the fan.

4) Once the charger car harness is connected to the fan, it should look like this.

Note the location of the HV+ and HV- (red & black) wires. This is where you will route them foreword to the IPU compartment after removing the rear seat back.

5) The rear seat bed is removed by pulling two black tabs at both front ends and then removing a screw on the driver side of the cushion, between the backrest and the seat bead gap.

Photo credit: Abhishek Mitra

6) Remove the three 10mm seat back screws and then pull straight up on the rear seat to remove it.

Photo credit: Abhishek Mitra

7) Unscrew the eight Torx T30 bolts holding IMA cover on.
Note the final screw (shown in the red square) cannot be removed until the IMA battery breaker is switched off.

Photo credit: Abhishek Mitra

8) Route the red and black wires through from the trunk area as shown.

Photo credit: Michael Ruge

9) Once the IPU compartment cover has been removed, route the red and black wires through from the trunk area as shown.

10) Connect the red HV+ and black HV- wires as shown.

Route the charger wire as shown. Secure using the provided zip ties.

11) IMPORTANT – Test the charger before re-assembling the vehicle. Always connect the charger to the car harness before plugging it into the wall and unplug it from the wall before disconnecting it from the car.

To perform the initial function test: First, make sure all fingers and tools are clear of all wiring and IMA battery components. Plug the charger into the car harness. With the IMA battery circuit breaker still turned off, plug the charger into the wall. After a few seconds, it should read approx 180 volts on the meter and both the charger and IPU fans should be running. Next, move the IMA battery circuit breaker to the on position. You should see the voltage drop as the charger voltage equalizes with the voltage level of the battery pack. This should happen quickly. The voltage level should be stable and not fluctuating. Both fans should still be running. If anything is wrong, stop and contact us. If the fan is ‘pulsing’ (powering on and off) every few seconds, stop and contact us.

This completes the test. Unplug the charger from the wall, turn the IMA battery circuit breaker off, and disconnect the charger from the car harness.

12) Other than the short installation tests, do not run the grid charger with the IPU compartment open or only partially installed. The cover MUST be installed with all bolts properly tightened and the IMA breaker cover installed in order for the IMA battery to be properly cooled while charging. If you run the charger with the IPU cover off for any length of time, you WILL cook your battery!
13) Reassemble the vehicle in reverse order of dis-assembly.

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