The Prolong Intelligent Discharger is an automated hybrid battery discharging system.  It balances speed with safety, applying a fast discharging load (~2.5A) to the entire battery while in the battery’s normal operating range.  As the battery drains reducing the discharge load becomes critical to protecting the battery from damage.  The Prolong Intelligent Discharger automatically and progressively reduces its load on the battery, maintaining safe levels throughout the discharge process (down to 200mA in the deep discharge range).  It has a user adjustable discharge termination voltage setting, allowing you to simply set the desired minimum voltage, press start, and walk away.  It will safely drain the battery pack to the desired voltage, then turn itself off when finished.  The Prolong Intelligent Discharger has multiple safety systems including self monitoring thermal protection & excess voltage shut down capabilities to protect itself and your hybrid battery. Each Prolong Intelligent Discharger is calibrated at our manufacturing facility for a specific size battery – for example the 168 cell battery pack in the 2004-2015 Prius & 2012+ Prius v.  A Prolong Intelligent Discharger requires our Prolong Battery Charger and a Discharge Ready car harness to complete the hybrid battery reconditioning process.
Prolong Intelligent Discharger Versions There are currently three different versions of the Prolong Intelligent Discharger available:
  1. 2000-2006 Honda Insight; 2003-2011 Honda Civic Hybrid; 2005-2007 Honda Accord Hybrid; 2012+ Toyota Prius c
  2. 2004-2015 Toyota Prius; 2012+ Toyota Prius v
  3. 2006-2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid
  4. Coming soon: 1999-2003 Toyota Prius; 2006-2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
Prolong Intelligent Discharger Operating Instructions The Prolong Intelligent Discharger is very simple to use.  For best results, follow these easy instructions: 1) Charge the hybrid battery with your Prolong Battery Charger until the battery voltage levels off and stops rising. 2) Disconnect the Prolong Battery Charger from the vehicle and connect the Prolong Intelligent Discharger. 3) Power the Prolong Intelligent Discharger on and press the Stop/Reset button to initialize the unit. 4) Set the Discharge Termination Voltage knob to the desired value. 5) Press the Start button. That’s it!  The Prolong Intelligent Discharger will begin the discharge process and safely drain the battery until the Discharge Termination Voltage is reached.  The amp meter will always display the current being drawn from the battery.  When the discharge is complete, it will shut itself off and the Discharge Complete LED will illuminate.  After the discharge is complete, reconnect your Prolong Battery Charger and charge the battery again until the voltage levels off and stops rising. Discharge Termination Voltage Table: Recommended vehicle specific discharge termination voltage:
**Approximate Value**
Single Cell 99-03 Prius 04-15 Prius 06-15 Camry Hybrid 00-06 Insight 03-05 Civic Hybrid 05-07 Accord Hybrid 06-11 Civic Hybrid 09-14 Insight 06-13 Highlander Hybrid Chevy Silverado/ Tahoe Hybrid Lexus RX/ GS Hybrids
Number of cells in battery pack One 228 168 204 120 132 84 240
First Discharge 0.8V 182V 134V 163V 96V 105V 67V 192V
Second Discharge 0.5V 114V 84V 102V 60V 66V 42V 120V
Third Discharge 0.1V 23V 17V 20V 12V 13V 8V 24V
Technical Specifications Maximum ambient temperature: 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) AC INPUT: 88-264VAC; 47-63Hz DISCHARGER MAX INPUT: 0-295VDC, 2.5A (Camry Version) 0-250VDC, 2.5A (All other Versions) OUTPUT: 1: 12VDC, 2.9A 2: 0-740 W