The Ford Escape hybrid battery pack has 250 cells in two layers under the floor of the rear cargo area.  Certain model year Ford Escape’s have no way to recover from a ‘won’t start/no start’ situation do to the hybrid battery being over discharged.  Our products provide a quick, low cost solution that allows the hybrid battery to be charged enough for the vehicle to be started and returned to service.

Do you have a Ford Escape Hybrid that won’t start because the hybrid battery does not have enough charge?  Hybrid Automotive offers this package that can be used to charge your Ford Escape hybrid battery enough to get the vehicle started again.  It’s not a plug-and-play full reconditioning kit, two small ring terminals will be required.  It does not run the Escape hybrid battery cooling fans.  It can only be used to charge the battery enough to re-start the vehicle.  It cannot be used to top balance or recondition the battery pack.

Many Escape owners have already used this products to rescue their Ford Escape and return it to service.

1) Remove the battery compartment covers and turn the battery off using the orange battery on-off switch.
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2) Locate the contactor assembly and remove it from the battery pack assembly.  Be VERY careful when you loosen bolts that clamp the metal forks on to the contactor relay. The ceramic insulator can crack pretty easily.
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3) Turn the contactor assembly upside down and locate the bottom cover hex screws.  Remove them to gain access to the bottom of the contactor assembly.
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4) Connect the Red and black wires to the contactor assembly as shown in the photo at left.  Two small ring terminals will be needed to make the connection.
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Note: The yellow and blue 12V wires on the harness will not be used.  Cut them back and cap them with heat shrink and/or electrical tape. Re-assemble and re-install the contactor assembly onto the battery pack.  IMPORTANT: Be VERY careful when you torque down the bolts that clamp the forks of the contactor relay. The ceramic insulator can crack pretty easily. Once reinstalled, re-install and turn ON the orange battery on-off switch.  You are now ready to charge the battery.

The Prolong Charge does not cool the hybrid battery while charging it.  It is very important to not over charge the battery.  We only want to charge it enough for the vehicle to re-start on its own.  The battery should be charged for approximately 2 to 2.5 hours only.  DO NOT charge the battery for more than three hours.  Longer than three hours could cause the battery to overheat.

The car harness can be left permanently connected to the battery in case this process ever needs to be repeated in the future.

If you are using a ProlongPro Charger to charge a Ford Escape Hybrid battery pack, never let it run for more than one hour.