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Prolong Battery Systems Customer Review

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"So far I'm thrilled with the results. I'll wait for the fill up to confirm what I'm seeing on the screen.
First longer distance test over a very familiar route this morning. I filled up at my usual station and headed up to my son's place out on the desert in Kern County, 110 miles each way, 95-100*F heat after passing Victorville. Ran the a/c 100% of the way and cruise control most of the way.. I left the MFD on the screen displaying the battery level and energy flow so I could see what affect the battery reconditioning had.
For the first time since we bought the car it never reached the purple level on the way up the Cajon Pass, only going down as far as the last blue bar. On 395 the ICE was much quicker to shut down at traffic signals. I noticed the car seemed to be much more efficient at bleeding off the excess energy the few times it actually hit the green bar level.(for example, heading down the 395 grade to Kramer Junction and coming back down the Cajon Pass. Maybe it's me but the car just seemed smoother in general.
Well, the car is back in the garage 223 miles later and displaying 49.9 mpg. The highest it's displayed before on this same trip was 48.6 when it was cooler and I didn't have to use the a/c. The best previous with the a/c on was 46.4." -Steve M in CA
Thanks Steve for the great feedback!! Glad we could help keep your Prius running strong!

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