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"When my wife and I moved back to the US from Honduras just over two years ago, we bought two 2005 Prii from Todd at Tampa Hybrids. Jeff's system was pretty new at the time. Todd (who is THE most stand up dealer I've ever met), recommended we get our own Prolong charger rather than bring the cars to him for service since we had two Prii. That was some of the best advice I ever followed. I've been doing 2-3 full reconditions per year with occasional charges in between. Even though I charge the batteries fairly often, I do notice a considerable difference in performance and mileage. Great product, Jeff. I just wish I could afford the automatic discharger. Since I work a four day week, I get three day weekends allowing me to do the full reconditioning without too much trouble. I just have to schedule other activities around it."  - Jerry Petersen, New Port Richey, FL

Thanks Jerry for the kind words.  Glad we can help keep your Prii running strong for the long term :-)

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