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New Manufacturing Facility

Thank you for your patience as we continue bringing our new manufacturing facility online.  We are hard at work refilling the product pipeline!  We can't wait to get finished goods back on the shelf and clear our order backlog!  The new team is learning fast and we should be caught up soon.  We appreciate you support, patience, and encouragement!  Just for fun, here are a few more images of the facility taken today:

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New manufacturing facility coming to life

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It's been an adventure, but our new SoCal facility is beginning to come online! Here is a view of the new order fulfillment area where the first dozen orders from the new facility shipped yesterday. Even more exciting, we should have our first finished goods coming off the assembly line late this week or early next week!

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Shipping Update

The last ever new product order from our Northern California facility shipped today. We will begin shipping from our new Southern California location Monday July 3rd!

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5.5A PHEV ProlongPro Charger

New Product Development Professional Product Line

Here is a photo of a special ordered Toyota Prius 5.5A PHEV charger that we are delivering next week. It will convert any older non-plugin Prius to a PHEV and charge the hybrid battery from vehicle empty to vehicle full in just over 30 minutes:

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Prolong Battery Systems Customer Review

Customer Reviews

"So far I'm thrilled with the results. . . . For the first time since we bought the car it never reached the purple level on the way up the Cajon Pass, only going down as far as the last blue bar. On 395 the ICE was much quicker to shut down at traffic signals. I noticed the car seemed to be much more efficient at bleeding off the excess energy the few times it actually hit the green bar level."

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