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Prolong Battery Systems mentioned in article by The Rideshare Guy

Consumer Product Line Customer Reviews

Prolong Battery Systems mentioned in article by The Rideshare Guy as great way to extend the life of hybrid vehicle battery packs and improve ROI: 

 Is a Toyota Prius the Best Car for a Rideshare Driver?

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Happy Prius Customer Review

Customer Reviews

"Hi, Just wanted to thank you for your great product. I was able to easily install the charger on my 2008 Prius. It has made a significant improvement in my gas mileage. I went from 38-40mpg to over 50mpg on my vehicle which has over 131k miles. I am very grateful and impressed with this product. If you ever needed an installer, I would be interested in doing some side work in Utah. I have over 15 years of automotive experience on the insurance and body shop side. Thanks again!" -Steve H in Utah

Thanks Steve for taking the time to tell us how much our products helped your Prius. We love getting emails like this!

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ProlongPro Universal Battery Discharger - sneak peek

New Product Development Professional Product Line

We are hard at work getting our new ProlongPro line ready for release this summer! Here is a sneak peek of the new ProlongPro Universal Battery Discharger! It will deliver a smart tapering 3A pack discharge as well as a 60A module IR/Load/Capacity test.
Visit our Professional Page for more info:

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New Prolong Battery Discharger Photos & Bundles

Consumer Product Line New Product Development

Exciting news!  Today we formally released our new Prolong Deluxe Reconditioning Packages.  Check out the photos and learn what's included in this new product bundle here:
Prolong Deluxe Reconditioning Package

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Prolong Battery Systems featured in Wrenchin' Up!

Consumer Product Line Trade Shows Wrenchin' Up

Prolong Battery Systems consumer line was featured in the latest edition of Wrenchin' Up! 
Check it out the short four minute video here:

If you are in Seattle this weekend, come visit us at the Automotive Technology Expo, Booth #01.

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