Hybrid Automotive was founded in 1999 by Jeff and Nicole Sloan as a company focused on building custom high-performance engines and transmissions for Honda race cars. In 2007, Jeff began to commute to his day job over longer distances, and grew interested in gas-electric hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and hyper-miling, or building vehicles that travel further on less. (He’s proud to claim a personal best of 918 miles from only 10 gallons of gas in a 2001 Honda Insight.)

As we educated ourselves about how gas-electric hybrid vehicles are designed, we learned about the inherent limitations of NiMh battery cells used in hybrid vehicle battery packs. These design limitations can easily cost a hybrid owner thousands of dollars in battery repair and replacement.

It became our mission to build a simple, cost-effective, reliable product that easily refreshes and rebalances the hybrid battery pack, restoring the great performance and MPGs of your hybrid vehicle.

We call them Prolong Battery Systems.


You just sent me a grid charger for my son’s 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid. I was able to charge up the battery this Saturday and the results were excellent. It fully charged the battery and the car drove like it should! I cannot tell you how much safer I feel knowing we have the grid charger for the car. I was always so worried for my son that the car wouldn’t move fast enough on a left hand turn. Now, it is not a problem at all. This grid charger should be required with every Civic Hybrid. I can’t thank you enough!
Just wanted to let you know that I have it installed in my 2001 Insight. Twenty-four hours later, showing 179vdc, and no longer getting the P1449 battery fault. Thanks again for your quick turn around on my unit. This IMA battery was replaced by Honda only 15 months ago. At the time I did not know that they were replacing it with old rebuilt battery packs. Man, and they are getting 3k for their battery packs. Glad that they had to pay for mine. On mine they had to replace the controller also. They said the total was $7500, and Honda footed the bill.
Wanted to let you know the grid charger worked like a charm. The battery is better than I've ever experienced (bought my Insight a few months back). It seems like I can't drain it to 0%, even if I tried. I'm very happy with the result.
In the middle of September, I installed your grid charger on my 2002 Honda Insight. For about six months prior to that date, I had been driving the Insight with the IMA battery completely disconnected after having the IMA light and the Check Engine light come on with codes 1447 and 1449. I hooked up the grid charger and plugged it in for about three days. I was delighted when I drove it for the first time and all IMA features were working properly. That was a month and a half ago. The Insight has been driving great, with all IMA features working as they should. This past week I was gone for the whole week, and the Insight sat in the driveway without being started. Last night when I went to start it and drive it, the engine had its normal "instant start," the IMA performed as it should, the "auto stop" worked, and I remain delighted. I have not had to hook the grid charger up again after the first usage. This morning I thought to myself, "If the grid charger did not work, I surely would let Jeff know. So, I should also let Jeff know how great it is and how happy I am that I bought it and used it."