Hybrid Automotive was founded in 1999 by Jeff and Nicole Sloan as a company focused on building custom high-performance engines and transmissions for Honda race cars. In 2007, Jeff began to commute to his day job over longer distances, and grew interested in gas-electric hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and hyper-miling, or building vehicles that travel further on less. (He’s proud to claim a personal best of 918 miles from only 10 gallons of gas in a 2001 Honda Insight.)

As we educated ourselves about how gas-electric hybrid vehicles are designed, we learned about the inherent limitations of NiMh battery cells used in hybrid vehicle battery packs. These design limitations can easily cost a hybrid owner thousands of dollars in battery repair and replacement.

It became our mission to build a simple, cost-effective, reliable product that easily refreshes and rebalances the hybrid battery pack, restoring the great performance and MPGs of your hybrid vehicle.

We call them Prolong Battery Systems.